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The best music experience ever for kids, parents, and teachers is Family Harmony's Music Educators daily commitment.



Center Director

Music Together® Teacher

Babies Class Teacher

Rhythm Kids® Teacher
Music Together® In-School Specialist
HealthRHYTHMS® Facilitator

After two and a half years as Music Together® Mum, Sonia accepted Mariana Rigel's invitation to become Music Together® Teacher and later a Centre Director.

Sonia became restless the day she learned to dance walking on top of her at her father's feet.

She studied Flamenco with Gracia Diaz (Portugal/Spain) and she still studies classical guitar with Riccardo Scaffeta, singing technique with Marco Mazzerioli and percussions with Cristian Giustini.

Sonia's classes are full of energy and fun.

Sonia successfully completed the Music Together® Trainee in November 2017 under the guidance of Susan Darrow (CEO of Music Together Worldwide), continuing her Music Together® Online training with Rhythm Kids® and In School.

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