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Due to the current COVID-19 emergency, we are making adjustments to our guidelines to keep everyone safe, both adults and children.
The Covid-19 Health & Safety procedure devised in these General Rules may be subject to changes according to legal acts introduced by the Italian government.
We invite you to read attentively the following guidelines and to contact us for in case of doubts or suggestions.

Number of participants

Our music education workshops will only take place if at least 5 people sign up.

To guarantee overall security and to avoid gatherings, the maximum number of participants will vary directly according to the premises areas where the workshops take place.

Access to our workshops premises

  • Participants are required to present a valid EU Digital Covid-19 Certificate to access the workshops premises;

  • Participants are required to arrive at the workshops 15 minutes before the start of each meeting and wait for their turn for the Covid-19 Health & Safety Procedure, while keeping a safe distance (1 meter minimum) between participants;

  • The Covid-19 Health & Safety procedure consists of:

- Verification of the EU Digital Covid-19 Certificate through the VerificaC19 app;

- Adults and children aged 6 and older are required to wear a surgical face mask (or FFP2/N95 face mask, adults only);

- Adults and children aged 6 and older are required to wear their face mask properly for the full duration of the workshops;

- Children strollers are not allowed inside our workshops premises;

- Eating is not allowed during workshops, an exception is made for breastfeeding;

- At the end of the meeting, participants are advised to promptly leave the premises keeping a safe distance (1 meter minimum) from other participants.

Adult participants

In order to avoid gatherings, only one adult per family group is allowed to participate on the workshops. An exception is made for families who signed more than one child up for the same workshop.

Demo Lessons

Demo lessons (trial lessons) are held during the weeks prior to each workshop’s starting date. Demo lessons are offered exclusively to families and/or children who are not yet familiar with our music education programs. Online registration for demo lessons is compulsory and it is available here. Online registration for demo lessons is no longer available once workshops are up and running.

Outdoor Classes

Outdoor classes will be held exclusively on premises that provide a large and clear fenced outdoor space, with the exception of lessons held in the Tor Di Quinto park in Rome.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own picnic blankets or rugs, preferably water resistant, to mark one’s personal safety area.

In case of unsuitable weather conditions, workshop activities will move to the premises’ indoor areas.

Make-up Lessons

For any missed lesson between the 2nd and 9th lesson of each workshop, it is possible to hold an in-person make-up class with a different class either at the same location or at a different one. An exception is made for Roma Casalotti - make-up lessons cannot be booked at this location.

Make-up scheduling depends on availability.

In Sassari (Sardinia), it is possible to make up for one missed class at the end of the workshop sessions.

Booking for make-up lessons is mandatory and it can be done here.

Single Lessons (one-time participation)

To ensure full observance of safety measures and to avoid gatherings, one-time participation to lessons is not permitted at this time.


Children under 9 months old can:

  • attend the “Music Together® Mixed-Age 0-5 years” courses for free if their brother/sister is regularly enrolled in the same workshop

  • benefit from specific discount when registering to “Music Together® Babies Class” or “Mixed-Age 0-5 years” workshops if their brother/sister is regularly enrolled in the “Music Together® Rhythm Kids®” course

Please note, infants should be 9-month-old or under at the beginning of the course.

Guest Policy

Participant's guests, either adults or children, are currently not allowed at our workshops.

Refund Policy

Once registration is completed, it is possible to get a refund through the following options:

- Up to two weeks before starting date: full refund minus registration fee (amounting to €15.00 per child per course)

- Within two weeks before starting date: full refund, excluding a cancellation fee of €50.00 per child per course (which includes the registration fee);

- Within the first two course lessons: refund, excluding a cancellation fee of €90.00 per child per course (which includes the registration fee and the “Music Together®” official material);

- After the second lesson: it is not possible to request a refund from the second lesson onwards;

Neither refunds nor vouchers are available for any missed classes that were not made up the workshop's weeks 2 to 9..

Possible COVID-19-related closures

In the event of closures of workshop locations due to COVID-19, make-up in-person lessons for any missed lessons will be scheduled at the end of the workshop.


All Family Harmony Music Educators have a valid COVID-19 vaccination certificate (Green Pass).

Family Harmony Music Educators are WHO certified for what concerns hygiene and safety protocols for COVID-19 prevention.

All music instruments and music tools employed in our workshops are sanitized before and after use with specific cleansers that are safe for the skin.

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